Monday, April 30, 2012

Michigan Film Office Goes Mobile with New iPhone App!

Michigan Film Office Goes Mobile with New iPhone App

LANSING – The Michigan Film Office has launched a new iPhone app that puts the office’s online directories at the touch of a button for producers, directors, location managers and filmmakers. Michigan is one of the first film offices in the country to have a mobile app for locations and crew databases.

“We are always looking for ways to be more customer-friendly and responsive to the industry, and this is a terrific tool to compliment the incredible locations and talented crew Michigan has to offer,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office.  “As we move forward under the state’s new film incentive program embracing innovations like this app will play a key role in giving Michigan a competitive edge in attracting great projects.”

The app, created by Reel-Scout Inc., is free and utilizes a mobile friendly platform that allows users from large and small projects alike to tap into the Film Office Locations database and Michigan crew and vendor directories directly from their iPhone.

Directors, location managers and scouts on the road can access 78,000 photos of more than 5,400 locations across the state and with the app, searching by region, city or landmark – anything a scene might call for.  For convenient referencing, the app also allows users to map the locations directly to their phone – a feature that provides an advantage for users scouting in Michigan for projects. Users will also be able to submit new locations or modify existing photos in the database directly from their mobile phone.

“The Michigan Film Office team is constantly developing innovative ways to keep Michigan a top choice for productions,” said locations manager George Constas.  “This new iPhone app is an amazing tool that showcases the beauty and variety of our state, while at the same time creating a more efficient filmmaking process. This app will also show the world how synergy between producers, our film office, and local location managers can be maximized.”

The complete Michigan Film Office production directory of Michigan crew and support services is also accessible through the new app.  These entries include contact information, resumes and credits for industry professionals in the state, which can be tapped by projects looking to hire.  Users may also utilize the app to register or update their entry in the production directory in real time.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brandon on "Sea of Monsters" Set

Our "Approaching Midnight"actor Brandon T. Jackson takes a break on the set of "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" filming in Vancouver, Canada. The film is expected to be a summer blockbuster.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jana Kramer (in the Oakland Press)

This one may be a lil old but

Jana Kramer (our lead actress) was featured in an article from The Oakland Press - Discussed is her country music inspirations as well as an interview with myself about our film project "Approaching Midnight"

Check it out!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Orleans both fun and informative WITH VIDEO

I've just returned from New Orleans, Louisiana, where the summer has already arrived while we wait for our warmer weather ... it was a great trip into American history ... check it out here at The Oakland Press