Friday, October 4, 2013

Real Detroit gave us a great Review

Approaching Midnight
by Jesse Crawfis

Approaching Midnight, which just held its World Premiere at the Emagine Royal Oak as a charity benefit for the American Legion is a spellbinding character drama pushed forward with effective and calculated action. Brilliant direction, musical score and cinematography are woven into one amazing film from Detroit native,Emmy nominee Sam Logan Khaleghi.

In the film, Khaleghi plays Staff Sergeant Wesley Kent, an endearing,quiet character who still shows great strength in a very silent James Bond/Bruce Wayne like way. Jana Kramer plays Aspen Malverne, an elegant first love from Kent’s past. The film opens in a smart and intelligently written flashback sequence where Khaleghi’s shares screen time with co-star Jana Kramer (2012 Academy of Country Music Award Nominee who is currently on tour with Blake Shelton).

Kramer’s performance alongside Khaleghi is the perfect blend of Nicholas Sparks-like romance, which should keep her country music fans satisfied. Jana Kramer makes her reel in Approaching Midnight and it is to the credit of Sam Logan Khaleghi’s superior directing. Not to forget mentioning, in a behind the scenes video Kramer mentions herself that Khaleghi is the best director she’s ever worked with.

After the flashback sequence, stylized editing transitions us to Walter Reed Hospital where Kent’s character awakes and is treated for injuries sustained in during a battle in Afghanistan. His memories of being in the field take us to a well crafted, pulse pounding, exciting action sequence that is filled with everything and action sequence should have: gunfire and fast trucks alongside excellent character development and sharp dialogue.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Approaching Midnight Coming Soon

Monterey Media will distribute Approaching Midnight (in theatres and DVD)  - This made in Michigan movie of ours, is coming to Emagine Royal Oak for a red carpet premiere Tuesday, August 27th.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

White Noise is Up

It's Here - The Music Video Sam Logan Khaleghi Produced/UPM'd for Universal Music Group's 'Disclosure' - "It was a pleasure to work with the entire team from Detroit, New York and England on such an awesome experience." Thank you to our "Approaching Midnight" actors who came out for filming to appear in the video. The song entitled "White Noise" is currently #2 on BBC Charts, squeezed next to Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop'