Monday, August 30, 2010

Video Stores and Their Importance

Blockbuster Video may have to throw in and start a new game. With dwindling DVD sales and rentals, and consumer anguish over high retail prices Blockbuster has their hands full. Not to mention alternative options like streams, downloads, Netflix and RedBox, creating a whole new playing field. Blockbuster shares have been bouncing under $1 throughout the year and since 2007 Blockbuster reportedly has a loss of nearly $1 billion. In order to escape this billion dollar debt, the chain may close nearly 3000 stores across America. The question is will physical rental outlets like Blockbuster remain needed or will they go away for good in the future. I must say, considering the negative energy from "late fees" and "disgruntled employee/consumer interaction" of a any DVD/Video rental store, the concept of teenagers, couples and families having somewhere to hang out for 30 minutes on a Saturday night is needed. The dialogue over whether or not to buy popcorn, pop, chocolate covered peanuts or raisins, and even what genre of movie to get is pivotal to the human condition. We all remember slow walking the video isles with our significant other as we discover each other's likes and dislikes and analyze each other's personalities based on our choices of film. So yes, in a anthropological observation, I don't think rentals stores will go away completely, nor will their need of being.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Funky Sounds

I recently came across a musical artist who told me something interesting. We are subject to double standards for lyrics? Why is it that some people can say what they wish but others can't? The artist explained to me that as a musician, they all play the same instruments. Should we blame society for everything? Is it easier than blaming yourself? The new age movement has brought us a new spin on religion, and therefore blasphemy has been given a whole new dictionary of words to work with. Why is it that so many people force us to feel obligated not to say what we want or what we need to? A musician among all artists should practice the inalienable right to speak the truth through chords or lyrics without the fear of popular radio backlash or being subject to the blacklist of event management groups that have taken a stranglehold on the voice of the minstrel. Let the Warblers free.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Join or Not To Join

Many actors in Detroit who've benefited from the tax incentives for filmmakers have found themselves questioning, do I join SAG. The Screen Actor Guild union is a prestigious foundation to be an official member of. First off, I would advise actors to consider carefully. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. Once an actor pays his initiation fee and joins the union he cannot violate 'Rule #1' and participate in non-union work. This is a great thing for an actor who has already participated in many independently produced films or student project; However for the novice who joins right off the bat because he or she has received 1 or 2 lines in a movie or commercial, this could prove risky, if that person hasn't had a chance to learn from practice. That being said, SAG is an absolute must in my opinion for the thespian who wishes to become a member of the community of greater acting professionals. Being a member of the union offers protections and guarantees that non-union work can too often fall short on. In final note, joining SAG is an absolute "yes", be proud of your invitation to coalesce with the greatest company you could ever come across.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Events To Launch

Most of the time, I overhear so many people talking about the Detroit arts scene as a past tense. I can push this enough that it is our duties as metro-Detroit residents to get out there and engage in events that push the artists market. Oakland University is holding a 'Contemporary Art' gallery in the coming weeks, and the UMMA steadily holds gallery shows; currently a feature of James McNeill Whistler. Although, I to understand the frustration that so many people are enduring - Most galleries take place without the works of many metro-Detroit natives. I therefore encourage and plead to the ushers of circumstance to help our artists triumph by giving them a podium to which they may stage their grand escapes of evening entertainment. Too many times, I hear from local painters and sculptors who sell their work for a measly dime at smaller festivals that there isn't opportunity here. So, let us bear the responsibility and take advantage of their wonderous work. Help show it to the world. We don't have to search to far for the next Van Gogh....he may just be poking around a local high school in Oakland County.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Artistans and Their Bread

After a situation that happened this week, it has come to my attention that artists need to be reminded of their route in life. I advise taking an hour out of each day to sit back and ask "why am I doing this?" and "what will I get out of this." Questioning your advances will help develop a path. The goal should be however to no stray away from that path. Many actors, musicians, painters and artists in general do not realize that art in of itself is indeed a craft, to be honed and carved from stone. It needs to be molded to reflect your dreams. If you do not think you will be successful in letting others know who you really other, don't attempt it, because you will be embarrassed of your attempted effort. Instead, plan, plot, and discover the route that best suites your needs and fits your talents. Most of all in order to re-iterate, stick to it. Don't give up and strive forward against all strife. Afterwards, you can sit back and eat your bread.