Monday, July 23, 2012

Superman Teaser Makes Waves

SUPERMAN TEASER MAKES WAVES across the internet and is attached to another big Warner Bros release this weekend. Two teasers have arrived, one with Kevin Costner's voice over and one with Russell Crowe.

Comic Con Interivew

Trailer # 2 (Kevin Costner Voice Over)

Monday, July 16, 2012

War Scene Filmed in Milan


The sun was scorching, the ground was dry and cracked and small dunes of sand shown in the distance.

The convoy of military vehicles carrying U.S. soldiers, a barrage of machine guns, grenades and sniper rifles rolled through the dusty valley – heading right into an ambush by insurgents in Afghanistan.

All of this was found not in an overseas war zone, but in Milan, Mich. on Friday, July 13.

More than 40 cast and crew members part of the independent, small-budget production “Approaching Midnight” gathered in Milan’s London Aggregates, a 700 acre privately owned area of land, to shoot the film’s opening scene.

Check out an interview with the director and other cast members at the Heritage Link above.