Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reality Show approved for Incentive!

The Michigan Film Office announced that the television show "Domestic Justice" is on the approved list for a film incentive from the state for the show’s pilot episode. The plot is described as a "...reality show with Honorable Vonda R. Evans, who will work with litigants to address domestic discord in their lives and provide solutions in a lively forum for participants and viewers."

“This pilot episode will put the necessary framework in place to get the reality program "Domestic Justice" off to a successful start,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office. “The Film Office is pleased to be able to award the project an incentive and is excited about the future prospects of this program.”

"Domestic Justice" has been awarded an incentive of $32,109 on $78,450 of projected in-state expenditures for the pilot episode. Evans currently serves as a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge. The project is being produced by S3 Entertainment Group in Ferndale.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Last Call - Premiere Next Week

"One Last Call," the film is set to premiere at the historic Royal Oak Main Art Theater 7pm on April 27th, 2011. "One Last Call" is an art house film with Lynchian appeal. It is a story based in redemption where a young man, Tom, and his newly found friend, Dodge, venture out on a night’s binge that leads them to their final temptation in the young woman known only as Red Dress. In giving into thered herring they are taken on a journey they never expected, and their road ends on the night’s one last call.

"One Last Call" is an Indie feature-short film, and it is in the genre of the supernatural thriller. The production is considered a feature-short; a short film that is between 21 to 60 minutes in length."One Last Call" is recognized in its category for being a short film at the level equal to that of a feature length film and doing so with no budget. The production utilized nine locations, studios (both film and music), professional equipment, Michigan talent agencies, local entertainment acts and businesses, their own soundtrack and music video, with all above-the-line and below-the-line roles being 100% Michiganders.

The concept of "One Last Call" was born in 2009 from the mind of the screenplay writer’s daughter. Inspired by her daughter’s story, she developed the screenplay in conjunction with her Masters Program for Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. "One Last Call" soon became a collaboration of over 40 people on its team, and with close to one hundred Michigan extras. Being a no budget indie short film meant the team had to utilize what they had along with the support of several generous sponsors, which included; Benito’s Pizza, Coca Cola’s Fuse, Commune Night Club of Royal Oak, Valentine Vodka of Ferndale, and NVIDIA.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AWOL approved for Michigan

Fresh news from Lansing, The Michigan Film Office announced the feature film AWOL as being approved for a film incentive from the state. The Film Office says that it is based on a true story of a Michigan solider, takes place during the Vietnam War and is set in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

“This project not only tells a great story, it also highlights the home-grown filmmaking talent we have here in Michigan,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office. “From the screenplay and producers to the story’s setting, this is a Michigan-made film from start to finish and we are thrilled it will be shooting here in the state.”

The Statute that is used to guide approval decisions includes the following.

1. The production is financially viable.

2. Utilization of existing infrastructure (studios, post-production facilities, film labs, etc.).

3. The number and wage levels of direct jobs for Michigan residents created by a production.

4. Ability to show Michigan in a positive light and promote the state as a tourist destination.

5. Magnitude of estimated expenditures in Michigan.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Commercial Town, USA

Detroit used to spend more money on physical film stock than any other city, including Los Angeles when it came to production. In particular most of these projects were commercial and industrials, primarily made for and by the 'Big Three' automotive companies. This past quarter we witnessed one of the most influential television spots in the history of advertising. I myself was just involved in addition re-shoots for the Chrysler 200 spot which included filming shots of my me on a bike trailer riding alongside Bel Isle staring at the vehicle as it drives by. It was arguably one of the most amazing film shoots I was involved in due to the fact that everyone understood the mastery of it's craft work. It is also important to note that commercials are not covered under the 42% Michigan film incentive, however due to their direct impact on popular culture and the amount of money that is spent on producing any one television advert, it is my suggestion that they should be.

CHRYSLER 200 / Eminem - TV Spot.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Support the Film Incentive in Person

I will appear on CMNtv with Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner and State Representatives Tim Melton & Tom McMillin to discuss the film incentive program. The event will take questions from audience members by way of Twitter or a live chat during the Town Hall's online livestream. They can also call in or submit comments on our web site or on our Facebook page.

Opposition generally believes that the incentives would have to exist permanently for a real film industry to exist in Michigan; Although supporters believe they can 'slowly' phase it out as the infrastructure continues to grow and create a general mindset that the film industry should exist here.

WHEN: Monday, April 4, 2011 – 6-7pm
WHERE: CMNtv 1230 Souter, Troy, MI 48083
WATCH: Comcast & Wow Cable Channel 18