Friday, July 30, 2010

Motown Focus

How many times have I heard someone tell me about an album that they are producing or a concert that they plan to their friends basement. I have been skeptical of musicians left and right, probably because so many little understand the amount of effort and focus that is needed to bring their passions to life. However Motown can return. With outlets like YouTube and iTunes allowing easier and cheaper delivery, perhaps the musical youth of Detroit should take notice. Stop telling me about how you want to be a player or a musician in the industry. Everyone is a recording artist according to what they will tell you. Instead I urge the young musicians of metro-Detroit to defer from talking about what they are doing and just do it. Use what is around you. You can bring Mo-Town back to it's glory, if you behave as so. So act as if. But don't mis-behave. Be on par, on time and focus your efforts properly. Focus will get you further in this life.

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