Sunday, October 10, 2010

Michigan Film Transparency

The Negative Impact of Michigan's Film Industry Pt. 1.

It has become increasingly apparent to me that indeed some people are hurting due to the windows of opportunity that some have found to slide right though and steal from citizens of Michigan. Locally in Detroit are being sold promises in return for hundreds and thousands of doll ars. Regional radio and television air spots in which companies promise that they are Hollywood talent scouts and go from city to city, hotel to hotel and say that their interviews are return the parents of these children of course must fork up thousands of dollars to attend conventions half a country away and come back home with nothing but empty pockets. Do we call this a scam? Is this a pyramid scheme that is built upon the loopholes that our politicians have allowed to remain open. In Allen Park, a recent movie studio was on the news for being kicked out for not paying rent after they had promised thousands of jobs when they first arrived (and used taxpayer money to build their infrastructure). Another supposed Michigan film studio (that I won't name) is accused of attempting to run away with millions in taxpayer dollars by way of a refundable credit loophole. Another story leaked about a contractor who is owed over $200,000 dollars from working at said studio. So what happens to people who work and don't get payed? Is that commonly referred to as slavery? Taxpayers are owed one thing for certain: Answers. Michigan is already dealing with one of the highest unemployment rates, we cannot afford to tear apart at peoples dreams.

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