Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Film Foundation

While everyone is up in arms about preserving the film incentive program here in the state - May I urge you to switch your focus on the more important subject matter of preserving film itself. Martin Scorsese's "The Film Foundation" is a non profit organization that has made sure to bring attention to the fact that 50% of films that were made before 1950 have disappeared, while the rest are rotting away. Thank you to Mr. Scorsese. Unlike today, films used to actually be shot on film stock and film stock can disintegrate. So the classics that our grandparents may have watched in glorious picture quality. So if you get a chance, visit and learn how you can help.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, must be rough when Hollywood needs regular folk to kick-in for this sort of thing.
    Just goes to show you where their priorities are. You'd think with the money that just one guy like Tom Hanks or Brad Pitt makes they could build a gold plated shrine of a museum to film, with every piece of film ever made there.

    What's next?
    Should we help out with acting lessons?
    I hear those Bentleys are real gas-guzzlers...