Monday, March 28, 2011

Filming in Holland

Although the Tulip Fair hasn't exposed yet ... the Tulips are indeed blooming in Holland alongside a commercial for a new energy drink called "Party Amor." The small bottled beverage diming with a tagline that shouts "it's worth a shot" boasts post-hangover relief. Spearheaded by Curtis and Cason Thorsby, who are two Central Michigan University BBA students who aimed at providing a low cost solution to a long night of drinking packed with B-Vitamins. This past week, a series of commercials starring Michelle Balser Peterson were produced by myself, Sam Logan K and directed by Keith Zielinski. The spots are aimed at satisfying investors as well as galvanize a new audience of prospective customers.

Filming took place at Holland's 9th Street studios yesterday. We arrived the night before the shoot slightly before 12:00am midnight after a 3 hour journey from Detroit. A camera test with the chameleon like talents of Michelle sparked an afflatus in Zielinski who chatted up the set into the 3am hour; Followed by a 10am call time that brought about my skill to moxie and muscle the stage onto it's ledge. Zielinksi pulls aside for a coffee and and fruit salad at crafty after a quick rehearsal while Michelle winks of confident pose that continues over the course of the 5 hour shoot. "Five hours to shoot a commercial" I'm asked by a passerby in the hallway of the studio; "Yes" I laughingly reply, "That's actually a relatively quick and easy shoot, considering that our lead actress has over 2 pages of double sided monologue, read aloud in font size 4." Zielinski and Michelle of course being consummate artists take on every opportunity film, television or theatre - commercials in this case are no different and need the same amount of careful consideration of artists convening to assemble a narrative that fits a market."

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