Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Join or Not To Join

Many actors in Detroit who've benefited from the tax incentives for filmmakers have found themselves questioning, do I join SAG. The Screen Actor Guild union is a prestigious foundation to be an official member of. First off, I would advise actors to consider carefully. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. Once an actor pays his initiation fee and joins the union he cannot violate 'Rule #1' and participate in non-union work. This is a great thing for an actor who has already participated in many independently produced films or student project; However for the novice who joins right off the bat because he or she has received 1 or 2 lines in a movie or commercial, this could prove risky, if that person hasn't had a chance to learn from practice. That being said, SAG is an absolute must in my opinion for the thespian who wishes to become a member of the community of greater acting professionals. Being a member of the union offers protections and guarantees that non-union work can too often fall short on. In final note, joining SAG is an absolute "yes", be proud of your invitation to coalesce with the greatest company you could ever come across.

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