Friday, August 27, 2010

Funky Sounds

I recently came across a musical artist who told me something interesting. We are subject to double standards for lyrics? Why is it that some people can say what they wish but others can't? The artist explained to me that as a musician, they all play the same instruments. Should we blame society for everything? Is it easier than blaming yourself? The new age movement has brought us a new spin on religion, and therefore blasphemy has been given a whole new dictionary of words to work with. Why is it that so many people force us to feel obligated not to say what we want or what we need to? A musician among all artists should practice the inalienable right to speak the truth through chords or lyrics without the fear of popular radio backlash or being subject to the blacklist of event management groups that have taken a stranglehold on the voice of the minstrel. Let the Warblers free.

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