Saturday, November 27, 2010

Childrens Movies Take Top

With "Tangled" in 3D and "Harry Potter" high atop the box office charts. The Wizards of Hogwarts prove that a seven day week that is totaling nearly $170 Million is a good way for producers to spend money. If there are films that we want to see, we often don't because we can't find a babysitter, but the trick is with these films that no matter what, you can even take the babysitter with you and that is the purchase of another ticket. So will we see more and more youth driven stories hit the silver screen. I assume that with the reinvigorated use of 3D glasses, the answer is yes. The trick is that as these films which are animated continue to be made, they will require less and less value over time in acquiring name talent to provide voices as the genre itself will bring in an audience.

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