Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Finance an Art Project

I often also get asked from people: How can I finance my project? Whether it be a movie, TV show pilot or line of boutique clothing wear such as jeans or jewlery...Investors are out there. If you want to find investors, here's a tip: Don't talk to people who are already in the business of your dream. Why is that? It's because they already do it, and they do it well. Why would anyone want to give money to someone who could potentially be a competitor? That is what they are thinking in their minds. Instead discuss your passion project or line of Michigan branded T-Shirts with someone who is not in that business. Someone who finds the sex appeal in something new. The draw of doing something different from the daily routine of one's own life is a psychological stimulus that can both affect the mind body and soul. For example: If I am a rich doctor who never gets out to see a movie because I have patients all day but I am rich, then I am likely to be far more excited to hear about your ideas then if I am already a rich movie producer. That's my tip of the day.

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