Friday, January 7, 2011


I just wrapped up filming a supporting role in an episode of 'Detroit 187' - The day went easy. At first, finding the studio located in Highland Park was a bit hard, but once I arrived and checked in with security I felt as though I arrived on the Disney lot in LA...even though it was a home away from home for ABC in metro-Detroit. After arrival, I was treated with the kindest regards, the crew is almost like that of a community theatre show, very friendly and family oriented. The cast was very generous including Michael Imperioli whom I worked in a scene with....Thank you Mr. addition Shaun Majumder was very inviting, saying to me the first 'hello' before I could even utter, 'I'm a fan of your work.' In my opinion this was the nicest cast and crew I've worked with ever so far. The episode entitled 'Legacy/Drag City' should air either at the end of the month or in February. Stay tuned!

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  1. hi there sam, I work for the BBC, making a programme about different filming projects in Detroit - would be interested to speak to you about detroit 187 if possible - please call or text me on 6027031876