Friday, January 21, 2011

Filmmaker Offers Home Repair Option as Entreprenurial Endeavor

It’s another world as I pursued this story relating to home repair. A world of hundreds of repair companies all trying to survive in a tough economy. Blogging about this is written in order to educate homeowners. As I investigated this unique re-occurring problem that I choose to write about, Do-It-Yourself approaches to many repair projects. I also learned that there are vast amounts of information on the Internet to help these people in their efforts as well as valuable help services at Lowes and Home Depot. Seems like everyone is turning to his or her own repair efforts due to our wonderful Internet.

I have already done a print story on independent filmmaker Dean Teaster but I thought this is the perfect platform to give him another boost as an entrepreneur as well as being an artist. Teaster's company, Mr. Sponge Waterproofing announces to a national wire service, the new “TRX Compressed Swell Plug”. Their service industry provides low cost injection processes that also use their own blend of polyurethane called SP-3 and now this, the TRX. It’s no wonder the roots of this company flash back to 1967 and are still here today. Something needs to be said for a Michigan artist who takes time to create and maintain new inventions beyond film and television projects.

Teaster's company provides a slam-dunk solution to crack repair with their wall-to-wall service or single water leak pinpoint injection. Look him up yourself at and

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