Monday, April 11, 2011

Commercial Town, USA

Detroit used to spend more money on physical film stock than any other city, including Los Angeles when it came to production. In particular most of these projects were commercial and industrials, primarily made for and by the 'Big Three' automotive companies. This past quarter we witnessed one of the most influential television spots in the history of advertising. I myself was just involved in addition re-shoots for the Chrysler 200 spot which included filming shots of my me on a bike trailer riding alongside Bel Isle staring at the vehicle as it drives by. It was arguably one of the most amazing film shoots I was involved in due to the fact that everyone understood the mastery of it's craft work. It is also important to note that commercials are not covered under the 42% Michigan film incentive, however due to their direct impact on popular culture and the amount of money that is spent on producing any one television advert, it is my suggestion that they should be.

CHRYSLER 200 / Eminem - TV Spot.

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