Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reality Show approved for Incentive!

The Michigan Film Office announced that the television show "Domestic Justice" is on the approved list for a film incentive from the state for the show’s pilot episode. The plot is described as a "...reality show with Honorable Vonda R. Evans, who will work with litigants to address domestic discord in their lives and provide solutions in a lively forum for participants and viewers."

“This pilot episode will put the necessary framework in place to get the reality program "Domestic Justice" off to a successful start,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office. “The Film Office is pleased to be able to award the project an incentive and is excited about the future prospects of this program.”

"Domestic Justice" has been awarded an incentive of $32,109 on $78,450 of projected in-state expenditures for the pilot episode. Evans currently serves as a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge. The project is being produced by S3 Entertainment Group in Ferndale.

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  1. Jeff Spilman got incentive again and keeps accumulating vast wealth from corruption. He hasn't paid crews their due enough compensation. Michigan people will be ripped off again. “Justice”? No way, it’s hypocrites. Where is Justice of this State.