Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor Takes in #1 Spot

Thor comes to collect. A $66 Million dollar opening weekend, with 60% of its domestic take coming from 2,737 3D screens proves not only the public's interest in superhero fun, but also 3D films. The global cume is $242 Million. Now having seen it, I stand by the 2D version just as well as I would the 3D version. The film is a perfect set up for "The Avengers" with Nick Fury's cameo after the credits showing us the figure known as the 'Teseract' - a piece that we will find out more about in this summer's "Captain America: The First Avenger." Little known that the character of the Beast who is also an avenger will show up in this summers "X-Men First Class" bringing all these movies together in a giant Marvel Studios Onslaught of Cinema. Although the mitten state of Michigan lost out on "The Avengers" filming in our realm, the production is set to resume south of us in Ohio for those interested in tracking down a potential job as a background 'extra.'

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