Friday, September 10, 2010


The great thing about all the movie abuzz in Michigan is the fact that one day we'll all get to sit inside a theatre and see all our great landmarks and hangouts on screen. Though not always as our hometown. Detroit doubles Seattle in 'Red DawN' yet we all know American Coney Island when we see it. 'Vamp' is filming Detroit for New York, yet we all know Hart Plaza when we see it. The amazing thing is all the money these companies are spending to dress the locations as though it is really someplace else. About an hour into 'The Island' press pause and you may see the downtown Detroit skyline with street signs for Los Angeles. My question is, when is someone going to film Detroit for Detroit? Well better not, the more they need it to be something else, the more vendors are financially benefitting to dress it up like anything the company wants it to be.

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