Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the Set of a Giant Man

“People say It reminds me just like this place I went to in New Orleans,” says owner Michael Hennes of ‘Howes’ Bayou.’ The wood trim bar actually has the rustic feel of an old saloon that could be in an city for any narrative of any potential film project....It’s warm behind the scenes on the set of “The Giant Mechanical Man”....Most everyone on the crew is a hired local. A positive for the state of Michigan, and today they are filming at ‘Howes’ Bayou’. A local Cajun themed restaurant in Ferndale.

The craft service is being provided by ‘Keepin It Fresh’, owned by Damita DeAngelo and Shelly Hurowitz. DeAngelo says “It’s providing jobs” when discussing the film incentive – Nothing can be better as craft service is the best place on set to be.

So why are they filming here today?

“That’s the connection with Paulette, the production designer suggested (she was a regular) I know the shot you need as the birthday scene” and “they came in and they liked it and thought it would have a good feel for the movie” says Michael Hennes.

The crew from Los Angeles seems to thoroughly be enjoying their time “There’s no doubt that I’m coming back (to Michigan),” says line producer Michael Gallant. Who says he’s been called for 2 more movies that could potentially come to the state to take advantage of the film incentives.

Michael Hennes says, “I think it’s important publicity for the city. I like to see us being more inviting to the film community and make it a little easier to work in the city.”

Hennes speaks about when the location scouts arrived, “They took pictures of everything as it was and promised to put it back as it was....just like another party that we’d be putting together.”

It may be just like a party, but not as conventional as this exciting new project brings positive publicity and the intangible benefit of future patrons identifying the location for it’s cinematic playtime.

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