Monday, December 13, 2010

Screen Your Work

Remember, if no one sees it, then it's not really a movie...that's the age old saying right? After you and you crew have taken 5 weeks to 5 years to bring to life your feature or short film project, and you find yourself not able to get into local festivals...Take the advantage of renting out a screening rom yourself. If not for your friends and family, perhaps for the public? Risk it, show the world. I mean how much can an auditorium rental really be. A band once asked me if I knew how to book them work....I responded...don't book shows, book audience members. That's right and it also makes sense here. Find your spot, screen your movie and book audience members to watch it. Charge them nothing or charge them something, make sure it's worth their while and have a good time. If they like it and so do you, I'm certain they'll come back for more.

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