Monday, December 6, 2010

Union Dues and Ramblings

I have commented on joining SAG before and I felt that I must let local Detroiters know that if they wish to sign up and have been granted the invite to become a member of one of the finest unions in the country...the price is low. A total of $1418 is due for the Detroit market talent versus the over $2300 joining fee on the east and west coast. So if you live in Detroit and wish to join SAG, know that we do benefit in one way; however, if as a local actor you wish to move to Los Angeles and continue working, the difference must be paid up front before being able to accept a job. Another item I am often asked of from both novice talent and veteran actors is "What is Station 12, they told me they have to Station 12 me." This is which is essentially when your agent is granted the clearance from the union alongside the producer of a project to hire an actor and make sure they are up to date with paying their dues and in good standing with the union. All on screen talent is 'Station Twelved' before working on any project.

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